Carpets have the ability to store the dirt and dust and therefore they cause many health hazards such as allergies, eczema and breathing problems. A clean and spotless carpet does not only ensure that you have a healthier environment to breathe in, but they also provide the much needed comfort and a pleasure to walk on it. To ensure that your luxurious carpet is handled with utmost care, you need the help of the best professional team of the First Flash Janitorial Services, Inc.

Every person expects his home and workplace to be spotless. Living in a clean environment is not only good for health but it increases your productivity levels. Carpets are an integral part of your property whether it is commercial or residential. They cover major part of your property and that is the prime reason they are mostly prone to dirt, spots, stain and dust.

First Flash Janitorial Services, Inc operates in Miami, FL and we provide our team of highly trained and qualified technicians for carpet cleaning for both residential and commercial properties. Our company strongly believes in using ecological and green cleaning solutions techniques that makes sure that both the indoor and outdoor environment is kept free from odors, toxic chemicals and dirt. We use techniques such as hot water extraction and steam carpet cleaning that causes potentially no harm to the environment. Moreover, we use non-toxic and green carpet solutions that are specific for each type of carpet and fabric.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning for commercial properties not only requires necessary experience of the technicians, but it most importantly needs the right equipment. First Flash Janitorial Services, Inc makes use of the heavy duty machinery that will take care of the most stubborn stains and will leave your carpet spotless. Moreover, we promise that our team of professional will not hamper your working and you can continue with your business while the cleaning takes place. Our trained staff also makes sure that impact on the company time is kept to a minimum and therefore we are considered as the best carpet cleaners in town.

Residential Carpet Cleaning

We extend our services of carpet cleaning to Residential and home properties. Our team of professionals has years of experience and will make sure to clean your carpet and eliminate any unpleasant odors that has been caused by the bacterial growth. At First Flash, the carpet usually takes 2-3 hours to dry, which gives you the freedom to enjoy the comfort of your home after the service ends. We understand that you have children and pets who can be prone to allergies, therefore we make sure to use only high end cleaning products that are safe and non-toxic. After our treatment ends, you can enjoy walking on dry, clean and healthier carpet.

Why First Flash Janitorial Services, Inc?


First Flash Janitorial Services is a firm believer of providing highest quality customer services at the most affordable price. We provide unbeatable carpet cleaning services and have a track record of exceeding the expectations of our business clients. We provide after sales services and will happily clean your carpet if any of the spots reappears within a specified time. Contact us now and experience the best carpet cleaning service in Miami, FL.

Author: First Flash Janitorial Services, Inc.